About Me

I love branding. And I love design, storytelling, AI, sales and client communications and all things creative - writing, producing, podcasting.
With my broad skillset, I love to holistically make brands better. I grew up in a fashion business family and my granddad would deeply care for the consistent development of the company brand as well as investing in product innovations.

He would go through retailer shops, talk to people, get clarity about the user experience and - if necessary - roll up his sleeves and improve the client experience himself.

This is how I see branding - as a holistic concept across all touchpoints - iterated and adapted over time - but always with the objective to create a brand that stands out.

And a brand that stands out is comprised of a strong brand concept and strategy, brand touchpoints across all channels, for new clients and existing clients!

And now, that I talked about all my love for brands - I have one additional love - publishing. I love books and I love to write them.

And if you want to know more about my past, check out my Linkedin page. But in a nutshell - I did Customer Success, Sales, Consulting, Innovation Management and much more ;)
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